Asylum-seekers: enough of too little too late

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Comunicato stampa GUE/NGL

Strasbourg 08/09/2015

Enough of too little too late: EU needs a permanent, obligatory and fair mechanism to distribute asylum-seekers

“In reality the European Union does not have a policy for addressing migration, and it is that lack of policy that is partly responsible for the fact that so many people have lost their lives when attempting to reach the European Union,” said Greek MEP Kostas Chrysogonos during this afternoon’s debate on provisional measures in the area of international protection for the benefit of Italy and Greece due to the refugee crisis.

“The Commission’s proposal to relocate 40,000 people, who are in need of international protection, is a drop in the ocean when we consider what’s needed. Greece has taken 260,000 people in the past year. The numbers being put forward by the Council sound like insults; the Council is not paying attention. Greek islands are literally sinking under the weight of the people who have arrived there.

“What we need is a permanent and binding relocation mechanism; we need to get rid of the criteria of country of first entry, it simply doesn’t work. But most of all we need a peaceful solution in Syria and Iraq. That is the only response. Nothing will be solved without a peaceful solution to these wars.”

Italian MEP Barbara Spinelli added: “The treaties don’t tell the truth about who we are; we are not a guiding light of civilisation, we haven’t shown solidarity to Greece or to refugees.

“The report we will vote on tomorrow proposes a ‘modest, fair distribution of refugees’ and the Council is already undermining that.

“We must continue the push to address the issues of relocation and combatting illegal channels of immigration, in spite of the fact the Council has shown itself to be incompetent and incapable of action.”

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