Tajani chiude le porte a Carles Puidgemont e Toni Comin

Di seguito la lettera, sottoscritta anche da Barbara Spinelli, inviata al presidente del Parlamento e ai vice-presidenti riguardante la questione del non-accreditamento dei parlamentari catalani neo-eletti.

Mr Antonio Tajani

President of European Parliament

Mairead McGuinness, Bogusław Liberadzki, Sylvie Guillaume,  Ramón Luis Valcarcel Siso, Evelyne Gebhardt, Pavel Telička, Ioan Mircea Pasçu, Dimitrios Papadimoulis, David Sassoli, Rainer Wieland, Heidi Hautala, Livia Jaroka, Zdzislaw Krasnodebski, Fabio Massimo Castaldo

Vice-presidents of European Parliament

Dear Mr Tajani and Vice-presidents,

We are writing to you in order to firmly ask you to rectify your decision not to allow Mr Carles Puigdemont and Mr Toni Comín to enter into the European Parliament as newly elected MEPs.

As you well know, their list got 1.025.411 votes from European citizens. Banning Mr. Puigdemont and Mr. Comín from entering the European Parliament represents a violation of their political rights and the political rights of their voters.

What’s more, banning them from the European Parliament and allowing the rest of Spanish MEPs to continue the proceedings despite being in the same legal position is a clear case of political discrimination. And later, withdrawing all temporary accreditations given to Spanish MEPs-elect to avoid “political problems” with Spain, is also unacceptable, as the MEPs from the rest of European countries can work normally.

We call you to urgently rectify and to respect the results of the European elections. Mr Carles Puigdemont, Mr Toni Comín and Mr Oriol Junqueras (in preventive prison since November 2nd of 2017) have been elected and have right to be MEPs. We call you and the board of Vice-presidents to defend their political rights.

Best regards,

Ivo Vajgl MEP
Mark Demesmaeker MEP
Izaskun Bilbao MEP
Barbara Spinelli MEP
Martina Anderson MEP
Matt Carthy MEP
Marisa Matias MEP
Indrek Tarand MEP
Ramon Tremosa MEP
Josep-Maria Terricabras MEP
Jordi Sole MEP


More information:

30 May 2019 – European Parliament withdraws all temporary accreditations given to Spanish MEPs-elect to avoid “political problems” with Spain

29 May 2019 – UN calls for release of three jailed pro-independence leaders. Report by Working Group on Arbitrary Detention calls on Spain to compensate officials and considers detentions violation of fundamental rights

29 May 2019 – European Parliament bars Puigdemont’s entry. He won the European elections in Catalonia last 26 May with more than 1.025.000 votes, the 28.5% of total votes in Catalonia

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29 May 2019 – Jailed minister Raül Romeva (and former MEP) suspended as Spanish senator by chamber bureau eight days after taking up his seat

26 May 2019 – Exiled President Puigdemont and jailed Junqueras win seats in Brussels

26 May 2019 – Map of the European elections results in Spain (President Puigdemont won the elections in Catalonia, dark blue colour)

9 May 2019 – Spanish Courts give green light to President Puigdemont and Minister in exile, Toni Comin, to run for European elections. They were tried to  be barred from standing in the European Parliament elections by Spain’s electoral authority.