MEPs urge European leaders to secure the future of Greece

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In a letter entitled “Greece, a new opportunity for Europe”, several Members of the European Parliament, from different Member States and different Political Groups (GUE/NGL, GREENS/EFA and S&D), urge European leaders to “secure the future of Greece within the European family, with full respect for democracy, social justice and solidarity.” The MEPs stress that “failing to do so will put the whole European project at risk.”

MEPs stated that “the Greek elections in January have opened up the possibility for change in Europe,” and they believe that “the cry for hope coming from the Greek people is the impetus we need for our continent to change course.”

The MEPs maintain that “EU institutions and national governments now face the failures of their response to the historically severe economic downturn in Greece, as well as in the development of economic policies that have widened inequalities and hampered the European project”. They “sincerely believe that solidarity should prevail and that we should make every effort to change the catastrophic course that has been set for Greece in recent years. If this is done effectively, then the whole of Europe will benefit.”

The signatories of this letter urge the European institutions and Member States to seize this opportunity and change course, learning from past mistakes.

The first signatories are (in alphabetical order):

Marina Albiol (GUE/NGL, ES)
Guillaume Balas (S&D, FR)
Sergio Cofferati (S&D, IT)
Pablo Iglesias (GUE/NGL, ES)
Eva Joly (Greens/EFA, FR)
Ska Keller (Greens/EFA, DE)
Edouard Martin (S&D, FR)
Marisa Matias (GUE/NGL, PT)
Liliana Rodrigues (S&D, PT)
Molly Scott Cato (Greens/EFA, UK)
Barbara Spinelli, (GUE/NGL, IT)
Marc Tarabella, (S&D, BE)
Ernest Urtasun (Greens/EFA, ES)

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