Situation of refugees detained and stranded in Tripoli, Libya

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Di seguito, un’interrogazione scritta, indirizzata alla Commissione e al Consiglio, promossa dall’eurodeputata Marie Christine Vergiat (GUE/NGL) e  cofirmata da Barbara Spinelli.

Over the past week, the situation for refugees detained and stranded in Tripoli has deteriorated due to the escalating violent conflict. Some 8,000 refugees and migrants say they have been abandoned by the international community and are in urgent need of protection, food and medical care. Reports show an alarming situation whereby people have no access to food nor water, having led some to die of starvation, while others have been kidnapped by traffickers.

UNHCR High commissioner has suggested on twitter that UNHCR might pull out of Libya. UNHCR issued yesterday an updated position stating that migrants rescued or intercepted at sea should not be returned to Libya.

  1. What actions is the Commission taking to ensure an evacuation of the refugees trapped in Tripoli to a safe place in the EU ?
  2. Will the Commission suspend its support to the so-called “Libyan coast guards” to ensure people intercepted at sea are not being returned to a place where their lives are in danger?

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