103 firme per un fondo di sostegno agli accademici licenziati in Turchia

Dear HR/VP Federica Mogherini,

Dear Commissioner Tibor Navracsics,

Please find enclosed a letter regarding a recent new purge in Turkey of 4464 public workers, that involved 330 academics and scholars who have been expelled from their positions.

On June 8th, 2016, You presented a new ‘Strategy for international cultural relations‘, which aims to encourage cultural cooperation between the EU and its partner countries and promote a global order based on peace, the rule of law, freedom of expression, mutual understanding and respect for fundamental values.

In the press release, You affirmed that cultural exchange and cultural institutions will be called upon to play a crucial role in strengthening international partnerships.

Considering the grave situation in Turkey, as described also by President Jean-Claude Juncker during the last sitting of the European Parliament, held on the 1st of March, we propose in our letter, co-signed by 102 academics and Members of the European Parliament, the creation of an EU fund having the aim of supporting the Turkish academics and scholars in need.

This fund could be based in Brussels and created in accordance with the framework of EU strategy on the central role of culture in foreign policy. Such a fund would prioritize the protection of Turkish intellectual and cultural life, with a particular focus on freedom of expression and information and the right to have rights.

Thank you very much,

barbara spinelli

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